About Us

The Story Behind Ghoulish Mortals Online Shop:

Covid-19, the @#%*ing asshole of a virus that changed all our lives, forced us to get everything in the store online or face closing down. We had to find a way to stay open....we have worked too hard, invested every spare dime we've had for the last several years, and most importantly love the store with all our heart.  We pretty much spent the whole quarantine making a Shopify store (that syncs with our instore POS so the inventory doesn't get messed up).  It was on our endless list of things to do anyway, as we were asked a lot over the last two years if we also had an online store. Well creeples, now we do. We only have a portion of the artists and their products up, but all the rest are photographed and ready to be posted. We will be working on that until we have it all up. There is a section on the main page of the online store that shows the newly added products.  We also have several NEW artists coming on board over the next few weeks, that we will be mentioning on social media as they go up. Items can be shipped or picked up in person.

Even if you aren't in the financial position to purchase anything right now, tell all your fellow fiends to check us out! Social media and word of mouth is how we have grown so much in the short two years we've had the store, and we thank you so much for all that love and support! 

The Story Behind Ghoulish Mortals Brick & Mortar Retail Store in the Chicago burbs: 

We moved from Southern CA in 2015, where we now realize there was clearly an over abundancy of cool retail horror stores. When we were done unpacking, we ventured out to explore the giant metropolis that is Chicago, and we were amazed that there weren’t any horror stores here... like at all. So, on a long trip to a horror con in St. Louis in 2016, we batted around the notion of opening our own store, more as a way to pass the time on the road. We effortlessly filled a spiral notebook with ideas for layout, décor, merchandise, party themes, unique events. From that point on, we talked about it in the theoretical sense "if we did the store, we would definitely have to have this or that". That went on for months and months. The store had become this creatively quirky inspiration that we somehow were always talking and texting about. On the next road trip to the same horror con the following year, we marveled at the notion that we had somehow signed a lease and that were taking a break from hammering away on building out the interior. After over a solid year of building out the store, we were on the road to that horror con again, this time as retail buyers intent on finding cool artist made things to carry in the store. We opened a few weeks later, much to the delight of all the fellow monster/horror creeples that had been less and less patiently believing the sign in the window that promised “coming soon”. On June 29, 2018 we had our official grand opening ribbon ceremony... dressed as zombies so we could gnaw the ribbon apart of course.

Ghoulish Mortals is oozing with creepy cool stuff! Promise! Come check us out!