IC-Plague Doctor - Plague Mask - Framed INKfection Tattoo Art

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Plague Doctor - Plague Mask - Framed INKfection Tattoo Art

Like horror? Like tattoos? Like art? Creepy fans of all three can now display gruesome flayed and displayed horror tattoos on their walls. Each INKfection Collection piece has been photographed, transferred onto leather, cut out, gored up, and strung up. Each piece is meant to appear created by a serial killer as a trophy from victims. You know, the haphazard kind....made under flickering basement light, using rummaged for hardware attachments found in sticky misaligned drawers and rusty old coffee cans. That kind.

Each INKfection Collection piece is cut by hand, so each one is shaped roughly the same, but the one you receive may vary a tad from the one in the picture. Don't worry about it.... it is guaranteed to be just as gory and gruesome. 

If you would like your OWN tattoo(s), sleeve or back piece turned in an INKfection, please message us and include either a quick pic or the actual dimensions. We will contact you back with an accurate quote and when you are ready, we will figure out if you want to come to the store for the photography or email in the hi res images. Most custom single tattoos have about a one to two week turnaround, and sleeve and back pieces take longer than that, depending upon flow of current orders.

If you are a horror tattoo artist or work at a parlour that specializes in horror, talk to us about teaming up.