Like many people growing up, I felt I was a little strange compared to the other kids. I struggled with severe social anxiety that isolated me from my peers. An obsession with ghosts and monsters certainly did not improve my popularity...

So, early on, I threw myself into art. I was too shy to make friends with others the "normal" way, but I found that with drawing, I could communicate. And better yet, I could delight others!

I still love bringing people joy with my designs, and I especially love designing for those who feel strange too. If you live for the scary and spooky, the magickal and mysterious, and dare to be yourself against the pressures of conformity, Ectogasm is for you.

I started Ectogasm in 2015 because I felt like there wasn't enough stuff in the market for people like me.

My initial investment into my business was $600, a wish, and ample time to bootstrap. That was all I could offer at 22 years old!

Today, I'm proud to say Ectogasm has tens of thousands of delighted fans. We're carried in over 100 stores domestically and internationally, from haunted houses and museusm, to record stores, dispencaries, oddity shops, and boutiques that strive to bring their customers unique items from independent artists.

It's been a great joy to create this business, and it's brought me to a community of others like me. I don't feel alone anymore.

Now I hope I can invite you too into the magickal world of Ectogasm!

Raeha Keller
CEO and Artist